Whoops, My Bad.

I’ve realized, pretty much every week actually, that I failed to update this blog regularly, and that I, like most boring travel bloggers, fell victim to the “stop the blog” virus.

In reality, I have been documenting my trip by taking millions of photos, a few videos too (which I will eventually edit into a fun montage-y fun-umentary), and writing in my lovely black bound leather pocket notebooks (which I swear by – they are amazing, and just seem to pull the words out of you).

I have been thinking about my less-than-one-week-to-go return to my hometown Amherst, MA, USA, and how I will re-adjust to my life back there, out of Argentina, out of a spanish speaking CITY, and away from all the new friends and activities I have become so used to.

I think that I can now “kill two birds with one stone” (yes cliches are cliches for a reason, mom). I will progressively begin to update my blog, now that I am not swamped with dance classes, or “real classes” and consequently, I feel it will help me process my journey and my experience.

I am somewhat upset that I didn’t write down the feelings (the ups and downs) that I went through every month, for I am positive there was a big range, but I think I have a good nack for remembering the important things, and I hope to detail them, for myself, and for those who are curious.

In conclusion, if you are interested and want to re-join me, I will be happy to share the following:

city life, porteno life, Patagonia, Iguazu falls, Estancias, and northern Argentina and more.

Hope that is inticing enough. These places are BREATH TAKING. And if my writing bores you, or gives you a head ache, at least take a look at the photos. 🙂

Hasta Luego,

~La Mariposa



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